employment - fruit picking and packing for  2017/18 season


The Job
Fruit picking can be strenuous and physically challenging.
Occasionally, it involves some climbing up and down steps, carrying picking bags that can weigh up to 10 kg. It isn't suitable for all people, but anyone who is motivated and in good physical condition can pick fruit.
New pickers are are required to attend an induction program about safe work procedures prior to starting work.
The most successful fruit pickers are the consistent ones who have the patience to stick it out for the first few days and stay on for more than 2 weeks and develop their fitness and speed over time.
When do we have fruit picking work available? Picking is likely to start this year around mid to late December. The season sometimes extends up to the end of January. It is very weather dependant.
We pick up to 7 days a week depending on weather, usually from about 7.30am. It is preferable to start early and finish early to avoid working in the afternoon heat.
Can you climb a ladder?
Picking is done both from ground level and from steel ladders, so you need to be healthy & fit, as there is a fair bit of carrying, lifting and walking.
How much can I earn?
Fruit picking pay rates are set in agreement with the Australian Workers' Union, and the Fair Work Ombudsman to reflect a fair wage for work of this nature. The rates shown are for the 2017/18 fruit picking season.
 Pickers, Pack shed workers and Operational workers are paid an hourly rate under the Award.
All employees need to provide a tax file number and Australian bank account details. Payments are made once a week (Monday) directly into personal bank accounts. There are no payments by cash or cheques.

contact details

orchard: 0407 87 37 48
office & sales: 0438 096 193
mon-fri 8.00am- 8.00pm
sat & sun 9am - 6:00pm
penna, tasmania, australia